OurKids- Uganda

Ourkids-Uganda is an independent, indigenous organization whose mission is to uplift, empower and support orphans and vulnerable children and widows  facing welfare problems by meeting their  physical, spiritual social and emotional  needs.
Ourkids-Uganda is a fully registered Not for Profit Charity Organization  and derive her support from the invaluable services of volunteers and other Christian resources.

 Ourkids-Uganda care for children affected and afflicted by the HIV/AIDS scourge and or others in rural communities of Uganda  with a high occurrences of orphans 

We also look at the needs of widowed mothers who have lost their husbands due to the same cause and or others as we lobby for support to empower them in ways they are capable of raising support to bring up and nurture their children in better environments. Ourkids-Uganda has many projects and visions you may want to know about so we encourage you to navigate through the ministries page and we pray you can find how to bless a life today.


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